10 Tips For Fast bunion surgery recovery

bunion surgery recovery

bunion surgery recoveryHave you recently undergone a surgery for your bunion? Do you want to know about the tips on how to have a fast bunion surgery recovery? This article may just be for you.

It is such a hassle to be having a walking cast boot in your leg that should just stay there until your doctor is convinced that you have fully recovered. Until such time, though, you will have to suffer the consequences of your decision of having a surgery instead of just resorting to the alternatives.

However, you do not have to worry and regret everything that you have decided in your life. You just have to know the different tips on how you could possibly manage to have a fast bunion surgery recovery. This is for you to get back to the life that you once had before the bunion pain and the surgery happened.

1. Get a handicap pass

In order for you to still enjoy life to the fullest and have a go at having fun outdoors, you should have a handicap pass. This can totally help you in getting through rough situations that you can possibly encounter.

Why do you need to go out and have fun? Going out can totally help divert your attention from the cast boot on your leg to the beautiful scenery of the place that you want to go to. And you can also have some kind of entertainment that can help you through your recovery stage and at the same time, let you embrace the beauty of life. When you become entertained and you are having fun, there is a great chance that you can have a fast bunion surgery recovery.

2. Wear your walking cast boot even if you feel great for fast bunion surgery recovery

Bunion surgery recovery

It is also advisable for you to wear your walking cast boot whenever you go outside. Aside from keeping your toes intact and for the efficient distribution of the weight to your feet, this can also prevent your big toe from absorbing bacteria that can possibly cause an infection. It is to a great disadvantage to have an infection at this stage because it can then develop into an inflammation and might harm your leg as a whole.

Also, you need to do this because you just shouldn’t ignore a doctor’s advice. It is important to keep your foot covered until such time that you have fully recovered and that your doctor says that it’s okay for you to remove it.

3. Take ice and arnica

It is also a good tip for fast bunion surgery recovery to have a go with an ice and an arnica. In the first few days after your surgery, your foot could possibly have bruises and the other toes could be yellowish, but these could be worse when you don’t apply it with ice and take some arnica pill.

However taking too much of arnica pills can also be detrimental for you. This is the reason why it should be moderated. Instead of overdosing yourself with it, maintain a daily pill of two to three pieces. Prevention is better than cure. Thus, it is essential for you to mind what pills you are taking and how much of it because it might just complicate your present condition, which would be too much of a hassle.

4. Wear your boot at night

Another way of having fast bunion surgery recovery is to prevent anything from complicating your foot. Thus, you have to wear you boot almost every time, especially at night. This is because the blanket that you are using may have a direct contact with your foot and send you in a night full of cringes.

Also, you have to wear just in case you get to wake up in the next morning and move recklessly because you may have forgotten that you have just undergone a surgery and that you would need to stay a little bit cautious of the way you move around.

5. Put quite a lot of pressure on your heel instead of having it in your toes

When you move around without a boot on since it could be inevitable sometimes, you are at a risk of having your big toe bone moved even for just a little bit. Although the doctor may have made sure that the screw on it is tight enough such that it wouldn’t move when you walk, you still cannot rest assured of this. In order for you to have a fast bunion surgery recovery, you should be careful not to move the toe that has a bunion. The tendency is that when it gets moved, it would again form into a bunion which may be a more complicated one since you have already undergone a surgery for it.

Putting the pressure on your heel may just be very helpful for you since it prevents your toes from being moved. This means that there may not be another complication since you have been very careful of the way that you move around.

However, even with this in mind, it is still safe to keep your walking boot cast on to be very certain that you are protecting your foot and that you are determined for a fast bunion surgery recovery.

6. Do some ankle rolls to encourage better blood circulation for fast bunion surgery recovery

ankle rolls and rotation

It is also recommended that you do some foot exercises to encourage better blood circulation in your body. This could help you have a fast bunion surgery recovery.

The tendency for having your walking boot cast on is that your foot may just get too stiff and the blood flow in it may not be regulated. One way to counter this is to execute foot exercises such as ankle rolls. You can do this activity for a minimum of 10 times per day. Along with ankle rolls, you can also do some wiggling of the toes and flexing of the feet back and forth. This could make you feel better because of the supply of blood that gets to proceed to your plastered leg.

7. Execute some leg exercise while you are healing

Do not think of it as overstraining your leg. Think of doing some serious leg exercise while you are healing a good way to bunion surgery recovery. You just cannot sit in the corner and mull over the things that you cannot do because of the surgery that you have recently undergone.  You still have to be active and keep being positive about your healing so that you can recover fast and return to your life quickly.

For your leg exercise, you can do leg lifts. Aside from that, you can also do the crunches and stationary bike pedals. Pushups that put pressure on the knees can also be done.

Exercising can excite the cells in your body, especially in your legs, since it is where the pressure is applied most. However, you also have to keep in mind that you should not overdo it. Just a moderated exercise can help you with your fast bunion surgery recovery.

8. Ask for more emotional support

If you are having some kind of a mood swing, you do not have to worry about it. It is only part of the cycle and it could definitely mean that you should have more emotional support. It is not wise for a person who has just undergone a bunion surgery to be alone in the world. The people who make you happy should surround you in this state of your life. Also, it would feel great if you are with your family because they can be the ones who could care for you more than just yourself.

However, if they are not around, or anywhere near you, you can still communicate with them with the use of technology such as your phone, and through your social media accounts. Having an emotional support from your loved ones can help you get a fast bunion surgery recovery and get your life back on tracks.

9. When feeling down, you shouldn’t

You shouldn’t feel down when you are. Just imagine the beautiful things that have happened to you. You can also be grateful that your bunion is now in the process of healing. This implies that you could walk again in no time! You can also take the time of appreciating your new foot. You can take this opportunity also to purchase new pairs of footwear for your comfort.

Sadness can definitely cause your healing to slack off. You shouldn’t let sadness take over your life especially when you want to have a fast bunion surgery recovery. Just keep being happy and surrounded by people who cares for you the most. This is for you to have the courage to go on. Just endure the weeks of having to move with a walking boot cast.

10. Never ever dare to mess with your bandages when you want fast bunion surgery recovery

It is definitely not advisable for you to mess with your bandages! Moving or changing it without the assistance of a professional may lead to an infection. This, in turn, could develop to a complication of your big toe. You should avoid even touching it at idle times, no matter how tempting it would seem. You have to bear in mind that this is for your fast bunion surgery recovery. So you just have to endure a few weeks of it so that you could get rid of it sooner.

These are the top 10 ways of how to have a fast bunion surgery recovery. This is for you to have your newly polished foot in just a few weeks! This could also mean that you can go back to your previous activities that you totally loved doing.

The recovery period usually lasts for three to four weeks without complication. Therefore, if you could just keep on holding on for that period of time. You can go back to doing what you want pretty soon.

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